I donate a portion of my commissions to Local Charities.  I believe in supporting the Charities and those around the Arizona area, where I live, and do Business.  I believe in supporting within to help our community.

Instead of just a donation to one or two charities each year, I decided why not donate every time I help a buyer or seller with their Real Estate Transaction.

I have also decided to include my clients in the process.  After the transaction is complete, I ask my clients to select a Local Charity.  I developed a list of local charities that really need help.   The ones that actually take most, if not all the donations and pass them along to those in need.


I am also a REO (Bank Owned Listing Agent).  Every time I sell a property for a bank, I also donate.  So if you want a list of bank owned homes, please check out my Arizona REO Listings Page.


Some Local Charities would include:

Arizona Veterans
Food for Homeless Children
Funds for Children with cancer