Arizona Bank Owned Homes

In the market for an Arizona bank owned home?  Here I will talk about the ins and outs of purchasing an arizona bank owned home.

– Make sure to do a Complete home inspection.  Even though the bank sell the homes As-Is, you still want to make sure you are not purchasing a home with major unknown issues.

– Make a reasonable offer.  Arizona Bank owned homes have a lot of buyer interest because they are listed at aggressive market value pricing.  Don’t lose out on a great deal trying to get an unheard of deal.

– Arizona Bank owned properties go through a lengthy process once they are foreclosed on.  You want to make sure you are working with an Agent that is knowledgeable and has contacts in the bank owned market.  I have helped many buyers acquire an arizona bank owned property over all other buyers simply because I understand the process, how to submit the paperwork correct the first time, and understanding what price it will take to make the home yours.  Once a bank forecloses on a property it does not immediately go for sale, but REO agents know what is coming on the market.  This is a huge advantage for you because you get an insiders heads up as to a potential property before all the other buyers.

– Incentives, A lot of times Arizona bank owned homes have incentives.  Sometimes they are not even well advertised.  Working with a REO professional such as myself I know all the incentives available and future incentives that may be coming to the market.

– Don’t be afraid.  Purchasing an Arizona bank owned home is just like purchasing a home from a regular seller.  An arizona bank owned home just has a few different steps to go through and is very time/task oriented.  Again a very big advantage of working with an REO Professional.

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Here are some of the latest Arizona Bank Owned Homes: (Contact Tim at 480-720-3389 for more info or to view the properties)


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