Looking to Sell your Real Estate?  **WARNING** Not all Agents are Created Equal.  Find out how it feels to be Treated as a VIP Client.


The Numbers Don’t Lie.  Look at my Stats against all other Agents in Arizona.  This is provided by – a third party site that gathers MLS information on their own.

* View the Stats Below.

– 100% of Listings Sold
– 103.5% of Asking Price : Sales Price Spread vs other Agents 99%
– 108.9% of Ask Price : Sale Price Normalized Spread vs other Agents 99.2%

This adds up to a lot of money in your pocket!


 Join the VIP Sellers Club… *(Taking limited  number Listings each month)

What do I mean by “VIP Sellers Club”?

Simple, You take the facts, look at my track record, decide if you want just an average joe who has their name on some signs, or a Professional Negotiating, Marketing, Selling Pitbull!

It’s a Proven Fact that I do More for my Real Estate Clients than any other company or person has thought of doing.  I do it for the simple fact, Treat my Client as I would want to be Treated myself.

Selling a Home is not about Placing a For Sale sign in front of your home, Placing it on the MLS, and letting the buyers agents do the work and bring a buyer. *This results in Sub-par results.  Your are placing your home in the hands of another person negotiating against you, not for you!

What have I been taught over the years by some of the most successful business people around?

– Understand the Psychology of marketing
– Never leave anything on the table
– Market, then Market some more
– Reverse Marketing (I will not disclose on here this technique, but feel free to ask me during our home orientation)

*I will not disclose all of my Marketing Techniques, as they have been developed and fine tuned over the years, but some important marketing methods I put into action are:

  • Professional Photography (with over 92% of all home buyers starting their home search online, you need to catch their interest before they even look at the home)
  • Featured Property on the Internet:  This isn’t just having your home show up on all major real estate websites, but being featured.  This brings in over 70% more traffic.  This is not available to everyone, as the major real estate websites only allow so many agents to feature properties in each area.
  • Mobile Marketing – Allows buyers driving by your home to get instant info, pictures, videos, and request showings right from their cell phone while in front of your home.  Capture the BUYER while they are excited
  • Neighborhood Marketing – We send out targeted mailings to a radius around your home inviting people to tell their friends  about your home.  Often times a neighbor in the surrounding area knows someone who would like to purchase your home.

This is about 25% of my Marketing Tactics.

– I don’t just submit offers – I go to work and use Reverse Marketing to get you a higher price.
– I strive to get you List Price, Often times more than list.

If you want to Sell Your home, not just put it up for sale and see what happens, Contact Me today for an Interview.

*I only take on a Limited Amount of Listings each month so I can provide the Ultimate Experience and Performance you deserve.